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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Documentary Record, 1967-1990

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. A Documentary Record. 1967-1990. Ed. by Yehuda Lukacs. Cambridge University Press, 1992. 567 pp.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has generated a vast quantity of documents from many quarters and a plethora of suggestions for its resolution. No comparable regional conflict has been subject to such scrutiny or given rise to such radically different interpretations of the same basic facts. Any serious analysis of the conflict demands a thorough familiarity with its documentary history. This collection, compiled and edited by Yehuda Lukacs, brings together in one volume key documents and statements of the position of the parties directly and indirectly involved: Israel, the Palestinians, the Arab states, the United States, the Soviet Union, the European Community and the United Nations. This book covers the period 1967–1990. It begins with UN Security Council Resolution 242 and ends with documents pertaining to Israel’s 1989 West Bank elections proposal, Egypt’s Ten Point Plan, and US Secretary of State James Baker’s Five Point Proposal for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

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