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Бернье, Франсуа Travels in the Mogul empire

Bernier, François. Travels in the Mogul Empire, A.D. 1656-1668. — Westminster, Eng. : Constable, 1891. — li, 497 p. : ill., maps

<p>Francois Bernier, being a physician, had an unlimited access. In Mughal India, he could go anywhere from South to North. This freedom of movement combined with his powers of observation adds authority to his narrative. His account of various event during Mughal regime is interesting, because it not only deals with Shah Jahan and his children, their intrigues and battles for the throne but it also deals with subjects like reception of ambassadors; upbringing of princes; bravery of Uzbec women; beauty of Kashmiri women; fishes in the Verinag pool; price of wine; living condition in the cities of Agra, Delhi and Lahore; flattery in Mughal and condition of the peasants, etc. This translation, by Archibald Constable is revised by the famous historian Vincent A. Smith. As a source book for the condition in India during the days of the Mughal rule, this book has no rival.</p>

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